Fine Art Newborn, Child, & Family Portraiture 

264 Fairport Village Landing, Fairport, NY 14450

(585) 622-4585

Allure Toast

Allure Harvest

Allure Charcoal

Allure Masquerade

Allure Hint of Moss

Heirloom Romance Indigo

Heirloom Spring Enchantment

Heirloom Path of Enchantment

Heirloom Violet Mist

Heirloom Garden Harmony

Fairies in the Fall

Divine Flora Dreams

Rainbow Prism

Pink Stone Walkway

Flower Castle Walkway

Sketched Path

Rustic Wall of Blooms

Vintage Flora

Run Away to the Circus

Carol Charisma

Secret Garden


Very Jolly Entry Lights

Meet Me Under the Spring Tree

Untitled photo

Spring Eve

Morning Glow Meadow

Untitled photo

Emerald Path

Brick of Climbing Blooms

Victorian Escape

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